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The application process

Who can attend a Studienkolleg?

Whether you are admitted to a German Studienkolleg or not depends on your previous education. In order to attend a Studienkolleg, you must have a higher education entrance qualification from your home country. In addition, for some countries further years of study at a university are required. The following database gives detailed information on the requirements for school leavers from different countries:

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The following steps should show you how the path to studying at a German university usually progresses:

The path to studying at a German college or university for non-EU applicants


Step 1: Check whether your school leaving certificate qualifies you for studies in Germany.

If you are qualified to study in your home country, you will be able to study in Germany.

Step 2: Check whether you can start studying in Germany directly, or whether you need to attend a Studienkolleg first.

The database at will inform you about how your school leaving certificate is evaluated in Germany. Depending on this evaluation, you will either be able to directly start studying at a university, or you will need to first take a 1-year specialised course at a Studienkolleg.

Step 3: Inquire at the Studienkolleg of your choice about the necessary application documents.

Each Studienkolleg has different admission requirements and deadlines, so it is important to inquire at every Studienkolleg you are interested in, or to check their website.

Step 4: Check whether you can apply directly to the Studienkolleg of your choice, or whether you need to apply via uni-assist (

It is possible to apply directly to some Studienkollegs, while others require that you apply via uni-assist.

Step 5: Apply for a visa at the German embassy in your home country.

Step 6: Prepare for the entrance exam.

The individual Studienkollegs have different entrance exams, so it is important to look for information and mock exams on the Studienkollegs’ websites. Some will have a mathematics exam and a German exam, while others will only have a German exam.

Step 7: Take the entrance exam.

In some countries, Studienkollegs have an outpost where you can sit the entrance exam. You will find information about this on the Studienkolleg’s website. Usually, however, you will need to come to Germany to the Studienkolleg in order to write the entrance exam.

If you pass the entrance exam, you will be admitted to a one-year specialised course at the respective Studienkolleg. This course will prepare you well for the demands of a course of studies in Germany, and you will be able to subsequently apply at a university or a university of applied sciences.

You can download these instructions as a pdf document here Checklist.


German knowledge

When you apply to study at a Studienkolleg you must already have a knowledge of German at least at the B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Please ask the Studienkolleg where you wish to study about specific language requirements.

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How do I apply?

The application process is different for different Studienkollegs. You can apply directly to some Studienkollegs, while others do not allow a direct application. For information about the application process, please directly contact the Studienkolleg where you wish to study (Studienkollegs).

The entrance exam

Since there are more applicants than places at the Studienkollegs, the available spaces are usually awarded via a ranking. In order to do this, most Studienkollegs have an entrance exam which tests you in German language and mathematics. Whether you qualify to study at a Studienkolleg depends on your results in this exam. Many Studienkollegs have mock exams on their websites. It pays to be well prepared for the entrance exam as this increases your chances of getting a place at a Studienkolleg.

Duration of the Studienkolleg and final exams

The Studienkolleg usually lasts one year and is divided into two semesters. It is possible to shorten your attendance to one semester for excellent achievement. If your performance is not satisfactory, as a rule each semester can be repeated once. Normally the Studienkolleg ends after one year with a final assessment exam (Feststellungsprüfung).

Why should I attend a Studienkolleg in Germany?

Attending a Studienkolleg takes a year. You are probably asking yourself: Isn’t that a waste of time? It would be better to start studying right away!

Attending a Studienkolleg takes a year. You are probably asking yourself: Isn’t that a waste of time? It would be better to start studying right away! Our answer is: No! Scientific studies have shown that Studienkolleg alumni study better and more quickly than international students who did not attend a Studienkolleg. The chances of successfully completing your studies are much higher after attending a Studienkolleg. Take advantage of this opportunity!