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What is a Studienkolleg?

A Studienkolleg prepares young adults with an international school leaving certificate for a course of studies at a German college or university. If you have acquired a school leaving certificate which qualifies you to study in your home country, but which is not recognised as a higher education entrance qualification in Germany, you will need to attend a Studienkolleg before starting your studies. Because the school system, the contents of your education or the length of time you attend school are so different than in Germany, it is necessary for you to attend preparation courses at a Studienkolleg. Compare the following:

The Studienkolleg model

International students come from different cultures and bring along different biographies of learning. At a Studienkolleg they come together to work out the professional and cultural requirements for a successful course of studies in Germany. In this way the Studienkolleg functions as a bridge between the educational system at home and the German academic culture. The Studienkolleg organises and promotes the learning processes needed for a successful course of studies.

The classes follow the requirements of German universities while allowing for the different qualifications the students bring.

Teaching goals:

  • The students learn the German academic language, as it is used in the course of studies they will follow.
  • The students learn to use the terminology relevant for their course of studies.
  • The students acquire the basic knowledge and methods that are specific to their course of studies.
  • The students develop individual strategies for learning.
  • The students acquire social competences necessary in a different culture.

In all of this the students are individually supported and advised by the teachers at the Studienkolleg. In this way the Studienkollegs introduce the students to the German way of academic thinking and working and provide them with basic knowledge specific to their course of study.

The Studienkolleg organises and promotes intercultural and cooperative communication

Students from many different cultures and countries study together at the Studienkolleg. In an atmosphere of mutual respect, our students learn through communication to rethink their own conceptions, break down barriers and bridge cultural differences.

The Studienkolleg organises and promotes counselling both on a personal level and in regards to future academic studies. The course leaders are usually the first person to contact with questions about studies or for personal questions and problems.

Starting with a stable learning environment, which offers the students orientation in their field of studies as well as social contacts, we communicate with each other by

  • creating situations which allow us to better appreciate cultural differences and develop an understanding for them.
  • creating transparent structures.
  • creating room for personal contacts.
  • supporting you in finding your identity against the backdrop of different cultural requirements. 

All teachers are also counselors

For all questions regarding studies or education as well as social and psychological problems, teachers are available with special competence in counselling.

They offer counselling in regards to:

  • all questions about regulations regarding exams or studies
  • personal motivation and student counselling
  • personal problems
  • overcoming stressful situations (such as exams
  • help dealing with German public authorities

The Studienkolleg supports cultural integration which is needed in order to study successfully

The course leaders will organise a number of outings together with their classes and celebrate German holidays. Regional outings will give the young international students additional insights into Germany. Questions about normal day to day life are also often discussed in class.